Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My Jewellery "organisation"

 Just thought I'd give you a peak at my jewellery organisation, although it's nothing special.
I basically hang my hair bands/accessories and necklaces on this sliding jewellery organiser from IKEA. It slides in and out of my wardrobe on a hinge (very handy as my room is absolutely tiny! The extra room is appreciated) 

I don't have a huge jewellery collection and what I do have often isn't put to good use. I tend to be way to lazy to pick out jewellery on a day to day basis. Unless it's a special occasion like a meal out/party or gig, I'm often extremely minimally accessorised. 

I love quirky pieces like this beetle necklace!
However this doesn't mean I can resist the gorgeous items I pass in the shops, oh no. 

2 of my most recent purchases are the black and silver chunky necklace made up on geometric shapes from H&M for about £6-7 I think. My other recent purchase that i believe was an Absolute steal was the silver spiked necklace in front of it. It was in the Dorothy Perkins sale for £3! and it makes a fab statement piece for a dress-up occasion. However it does slightly remind me of a cave woman's bone necklace. Anyone else?
Yeah...totally organised.

 This is the other part of my Jewellery storage. As you can tell, I'm not the neatest organiser...whoops.
I basically keep all my rings and bracelets in one of my bedside table draws. I lined it with a bandanna to make it look a bit more lively. 
Every year I buy stacks of summertime brightly coloured beaded bracelets but they never get worn enough. So this year my objective is to wear them throughout summer! 

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