Thursday, 12 July 2012

Real techniques blush brush review.

When I first started buying decent make-up I told myself I would own all the MAC brushes because well....they were MAC so they must be the best. Wrroonnngg. I can't stress how happy I am that boots (however not my tiny local one) are selling great quality brushes at acceptable prices.
What makes it even better is that these densely packed,soft, stylish and girly brushes are in our Boots stores because of the gorgeous Samantha Chapman. 
I watch every single video Pixiwoo make, and it amazes me how creative both Sam and Nic are (Often sitting in front of camera without a plan at all!) I knew I had to try these brushes!
I wasn't surprised at all that the two brushes I own by Sam were basically perfect for me, as the two girls obviously know everything there is to know about make up ad therefore know what the customers want out of their brushes. I will definitely be purchasing more of these brushes and I highly recommend them.

MAC "Rebel" lipstick review

Definitely not the neatest application.
My most recent MAC purchase is this gorgeous berry coloured satin lipstick called "REBEL".
Excuse the shockingly chipped nail varnish!
I've been eyeing this lippy for quite a while and was even going to buy it online instead of taking a trip into town, only to find it was out of stock (must be a popular one!). But when I was shopping and passed the MAC 
counter I thought I would try my luck.
Good job I did as well!
It's a beautiful bold colour and the quality is just as fab as you would expect from a MAC lipstick. I've worn this lipstick about 3 times now and something odd about it is that it stains your lips. Like, really stains; you can remove it, rub at it, irritate your lips but when you wake up in the morning they'll still have a slight stain. Which Is odd as i've never had a lipstick that does this. However I suppose it's the price you pay for the wonderful pigmentation.

The lipstick is priced at £14 (standard MAC pricing). I'm pleased with it as I definitely don't have a colour like it. My next purchase will be "So chaud" as that too was out of stock when I tried to buy it! ...boohoo :( 

Till next time,

Monday, 2 July 2012

Real Techniques competition.

One of my favourite make-up looks (definitely not an everyday look) for the Real Techniques competition. Who's brushes I absolutley ADORE.