Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Gosh "Gloss eclat & brilliance" lipgloss (02)

So, I picked this little beauty up a couple of weeks ago in a Superdrug sale. Now, anyone who buys Gosh will know that they tend to be quite pricey for a "drug store" brand. although they do have a good range of products including things like primers and brushes.
These "Gosh gloss eclat & brilliance" originally retailed for about £7-8 I believe, so when I saw this for £3 in such a mad colour (number 02) I had to get it.

The packaging is attractive, with a minimalistic feel to the square container. The lip gloss also has a mirror on the side which is a nice touch. But inside, it gets even better! There are two small LED lights above the wand. Pretty helpless for application, but it still looks cute!
The brush is also nice and it is an actual brush rather than a "felt/sponge wand" If you understand what I mean?
The product itself is rather sticky which I am not too much of a fan of (and is the reason I tend to stay away from lip gloss). However the sheer amount of holographic shimmer makes this lip gloss an exception in my books. The lip gloss is (as you can see) a slightly berry-like pink with different coloured very fine glitter and an overall underlying blue tone.

A rather unattractive picture, attempting to show the amount of glitter in this bad boy!
There's something about Gosh products that is undoubtedly attractive, probably because they appear so modern and simple but colourful.

Hope you enjoyed this quick review,
Beth x

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