Sunday, 12 August 2012

MAC "So Chaud" lipstick review.

 As I said I would in a previous blog post. I purchased "So Chaud" the other week online from MAC. This lippy caught my eye after seeing it in numerous videos from Jen ( "clothesencounters" ) on Youtube. I told myself I didn't need it, but clearly didn't convince myself.
The first time I tried it on I shocked myself a little as it seemed very orange. But I've gradually got used to it and I think it could be my new favourite bold "dressy up" lippy. 
It's definitely a bright lipstick that seems a cross between postbox red and orange. Being pale it seems to go nicely with my skin tone, although when fully applied it takes a while to get used to. I wore it out for the first time yesterday and I must admit my Uncle did give me a double take and a confused look as if to say "What on Earth is on your face?", but never the less I'm pleased with it! 
The lipstick is £14 and is a matte finish which I absolutely LOVE. The colour is also surprisingly long lasting which is fab! And like MACS "Rebel" It also seems to stain my lips, I don't know if anyone else has this trouble or whether it's just me? Let me know, 
Beth x

Taken in natural daylight with no flash.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain"005 Crush"

 This is one of my new favourite lip products. I've really been loving the deep berry shades since they became popular near the start of 2012. But like (I suspect) quite a few people I find them difficult to pull off casually. Unless....they're in a completely wearable balm form!
Plus, I adore the packaging as the lip stain in basically a huge retractable crayon.
It's so moisturising on the lips and is convenient to throw on (without worrying about being neat) to add a pop of colour to your lips whilst feeling great.

I've been absolutely loving Revlon so far this year, and can't wait to see whatever else they bring out before 2012  is over!

Gosh lip marker "003 Berry" review.

No flash
 I bought this lip marker about a month ago and thought it was time for a review. I bought the colour "003 Berry". It's a lovely sort of raspberry colour. Like most lip stains; the colour is buildable. Gosh says the lip marker is "long lasting". For a lip product, I agree. It's especially good for not rubbing off or leaving lip stains on glasses of mugs when drinking. however it can't quite last after eating.

I also think this lip maker has a taste. It's almost like an artificial raspberry flavour, which I don't really mind. I picked this up at Superdug for £6.99. As always I love the Gosh packaging, It's modern and minimalistic; definitely my taste.

Although it isn't shown very well in these pictures the colour can be rather bold when applied fully. As I'm pretty pale skinned with pink cheeks (which I despise), when fully applied, this lip marker compliments my skin tone well. 

Beth x