Saturday, 11 August 2012

Gosh lip marker "003 Berry" review.

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 I bought this lip marker about a month ago and thought it was time for a review. I bought the colour "003 Berry". It's a lovely sort of raspberry colour. Like most lip stains; the colour is buildable. Gosh says the lip marker is "long lasting". For a lip product, I agree. It's especially good for not rubbing off or leaving lip stains on glasses of mugs when drinking. however it can't quite last after eating.

I also think this lip maker has a taste. It's almost like an artificial raspberry flavour, which I don't really mind. I picked this up at Superdug for £6.99. As always I love the Gosh packaging, It's modern and minimalistic; definitely my taste.

Although it isn't shown very well in these pictures the colour can be rather bold when applied fully. As I'm pretty pale skinned with pink cheeks (which I despise), when fully applied, this lip marker compliments my skin tone well. 

Beth x

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