Wednesday, 8 February 2012

MAC Cream Colour Base "Luna" Review.

 I recently purchased "Luna" by MAC. I tend to use this product on the very top of my cheekbones, brow bone, inner corner of the eye and sometimes my cupids bow as a highlighter. 
The texture isn't very thick, and i would say is rather greasy. However it isn't so greasy once on the face. I feel that once it sinks in it stays put and provides an attractive natural highlight.

I chose the lightest colour (very white, very fine shimmer). This was just due to the fact that i have rather pale skin (I was tempted to purchase "pearl" which is more of a cream colour with gold shimmers, but thought that the white would suit my skin tone more.) Due to it being very light it does reflect the light nicely and I find because there are no large glitter chunks , only extremely fine shimmer it does not look overpowering.

I apologise for the pretty useless swatch.
I have not used this fully as an eye shadow base yet as I feel it may make my eyelids greasy due to the texture of the product. However a base of "UD primer potion" underneath may do the trick.                                                                                                                                                                         I'm rather useless at contouring my face ( as I'm pretty pale I always feel bronzer makes me look like someone off Geordie shore...) so highlighters are kind of my way out of contouring at the moment, until summer comes around and I have a slight tan again!

"Luna"used lightly on brow bone and very top of cheekbone.

I feel this product does make an excellent highlighter and as it contains 3.2g, and a little goes a long way I think it will last me a substantial amount of time. I prefer to apply this product with my finger, rather than a brush .I think it blends into the skin easier this way, as creams quite often do. This product is £14.50. 

Beth x

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