Monday, 14 April 2014

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick 31 review

 So my lovely boyfriend knew of my desperation to own a YSL lipstick but my hesitation at the price. I'd stare in admiration at them often but always resist buying one. Recently that same lovely boyfriend just happened to give me a huge surprise and bought me this beauty. 
This is Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in number 31. First of all, lets talk about the packaging. It's stunning. Its a rectangular gold mirrored case that I really do feel luxurious using I have to admit. The lipstick bullet itself also has the YSL logo engraved into it. It's close to the top so i'll be sad when i use it up! 

The lipstick itself is a deep (but not dark) plum colour which is perfect to me. The formula of the lipstick is so soft and buttery, it really does feel moisturising on the lips. It also stains the lips which I personally like. 

An undeniably unique thing about this lipstick to me is the scent. Everyone knows Macs lipstick smell of vanilla and many brand have reproduced that scent. Revlon and others often have minty smells. However this YSL lipstick has such a strong floral scent, it's impossible not to notice. It literally smells like you are putting a perfume on your lips. Luckily, it does not taste like perfume. It thrills me everytime as i've never experienced a lipstick like this before.

This lipstick not only has all the aesthetics of a high end luxury lipstick but the smell and quality to match. I will be adding to my YSL collection.

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