Friday, 1 June 2012

Revlon Lip Butter review!

So a couple of weeks ago I decided to jump on the "Revlon lip butter" train. I decided all the hype must be for a reason, so I had a little splurge for 16 year old, living on pocket money me.
I've never really purchased Revlon products before apart from the odd nail varnish, but I am so very pleased with these products! All very smooth glossy lipsticks retailing at £7.99 each.  
All pictures below are applied with only ONE coat. The pigmentation of these lipsticks can build up much vibrant than this.

"Cotton Candy" Is probably the most wearable of the 3 lip butters i bought as it is a natural pink tone. However it also has a lot of shimmer with gold reflects. It gives a very pretty look without looking overdone. It is also easy enough to slap on without having to apply it precisely in a mirror. Definitely a good buy in my opinion for pretty pale gals like me!

 "Lollipop" Is a more bright pink/fuchsia colour. Very lively and definitely summery! It doesn't have any shimmer in like "cotton candy". Because the colour is slightly more out there I think it is wise to keep the colour the strong point and not add shimmer. It seems to have the best staying power out of the 3 I bought and I'm sure would be a night time lipstick when applied fully.

"Cotton Candy" Is definitely my favourite out of my 3 lip butters, I adore red lipstick but don't wear it on a day to day basis as It can definitely be hard to pull of.  However when this is applied lightly it looks gorgeous as it is a very light and subtle hydrating lipstick. Great for pale skin! 

I definitely feel these lip products are worth the money and i would recommend them. Even if you just try one shade. They are very wearable and I also think fabulous for the summer months ahead! ( Even in England! )
Till next time, Beth


  1. Great review, I love revlon lip butters!

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  2. This is exactly the post i have been looking for, think i might buy "Cotton Candy" as soon as possible, just in time for prom, so thanks :)

  3. Thanks! Hope you love them as much as me!